Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hometown Socks

Well, I'm still camera-less, since the digital camera needin' cousin was on the other side of the state all week. I imagine I should have the camera back by Thursday. Anyway, I finally finished the socks made with Sundara Yarn. And I love how they turned out.

Bookwoman's Hometown Socks
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Sock Yarn in multicolor Leafy
Needles: US 0
Pattern: A combination of Wendy's Toe Up Sock Pattern and a stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury. I picked the pattern because it had been submitted by someone who lived in my little borough. She doesn't live here least she's not in the phonebook.

I love these socks! I have done laundry just so I can have the socks available to wear. A few weeks ago, we went on the Tippler's Tour in Philadelphia. Basically, it's a walking tour of pubs, with a little history thrown in. I t runs all summer, but we waited until October to go. And even though it's been 70 degrees in November around here, it was pretty chilly that night. But my feet were warm! I have some more of Sundara's sock yarn waiting. Plus, I signed up for the next half of her sock club.

In the meantime, I'm finishing my cousin's birthday socks. Her birthday was in July. Luckily she's patient. Plus, this is the cousin with digital camera issues, so I can buy time by saving her butt. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the second sock. My goal is to give them to her on Thursday.

Tonight, we're heading out with Max and Julia's mom and dad to drink beer and eat dinner! We haven't been here before, but Geek Boy's had it on his list since we took a beer appreciation class a few years back. I'm looking forward to it. And they sell carry-out bottles! Such a good thing because there's lots I'd like to try, but since I'll be driving, only one, maybe two will get tried.

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